COMPONENTS – As a fountain consulting and design service; we draw plans, we invent and improve components that suit small commercial fountains.  From anti-foam systems to custom effect nozzles we can help other companies  market their products for broader use in fountains.

SCULPTURE DESIGN – The Fountaineer brings stone, bronze sculpture and modern water shaping together. If you can dream it our associates can fabricate it. We also proudly design in the best quality large production quarry granite found anywhere in the world.

ARCHITECTURAL FOUNTAINS – Budget, liability, appearance and maintenance requirements are the biggest concerns for owners and planners. We prefer to address these first to match the right fountain type with a cost effective design to compliment your building or landscape.

FLIGHT 5191 MEMORIAL – A granite memorial fountain designed for the City of Richmond Kentucky, honoring the 6 local victims of the 49 lives lost in that tragedy.

COOLING FOUNTAINS – The primary purpose of this type of feature uses induction, evaporation and convection to remove heat from a building or process.  The proper application of pumps and nozzles can add an Extra LEED Point and even replace the need for a cooling tower in some climates.